I Am Home from the Therapist

I just got back from the physical therapist a few minutes ago, they think I am going to be back on my feet doing things when and how I want in about three weeks. Right now I can get around, but it takes a bit of planning and a lot of effort. I have been to see all sorts of doctors and a chiropractor in Santa Rosa along with the physical therapist over the past three weeks. Of course I am really pretty mad at Jack, especially since he basically walked away with nothing more than a broken nose and a couple of minor scratches. The guy is always in way too much of a hurry, you probably know people just like him. He is so desperate to shave time off the commute that he is willing to risk his neck in the process and in this case he was willing to risk my neck since my car was in the shop getting new tires and an alignment.

When you think about it the whole idea is to get where you are going and definitely not to end up in the hospital or on a slab at the morgue. Jack is likely going to be getting familiar with public transportation. There were about twenty witnesses to the dumb thing that he did and about six of them ended up involved in the wreck. We ended up sideway across the highway with my side of the car facing oncoming traffic. Luckily for me the guy that slammed into the door managed to slow down a lot, when you are going sixty miles an hour down the highway you are not expecting some fool to spin out in front of them. All of those people were really mad at Jack and I was half-way hoping they would punch him out.