I Wrecked My Bike Last Month

In truth I was involved in the wreck, but it had rather little to do with me aside from the fact that I went flying over the hood of that Honda Accord and sliding down the asphalt for about fifty yards. The girl driving the Honda was really cute and she was only about 17 or 18 I would guess. She was really frantic and thought she had seriously injured me, although in truth I was so mad that I did not realize that I was badly hurt. A San Rafael chiropractor had to see me and get my back sorted out this week, but other than that all of the things that were wrong with me were relatively minor. Of course I had a good jacket and I was wearing heavy leather chaps, gloves and a helmet. All that stuff is there for a reason and I would be in really bad shape if I had not had it on.

The helmet has a lot of big scratches on it, especially above my left ear. My jacket is ruined and the chaps are scuffed up, but obviously that is what they are for. It is a lot better that they get ruined than what they are protecting. I had this huge bruise on left hip and I felt as though I had gone 12 rounds with Mike Tyson, obviously the really nasty Mike Tyson before he ran out of steam. At any rate the doctors told me how lucky I was and they offered me a prescription for some pills. I asked her if she could guarantee me that I would not get addicted to them. She could not and I just started taking a lot of tylenol instead. After a few days I knew I had to get my back worked on.