Medical Marijuana for Treating Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Doctors diagnosed my sister with multiple sclerosis eight years ago. She has reached the point with the progression of this disease that it is causing her a significant amount of pain. The doctors have prescribed numerous pain medications for her but they all make her dizzy, light headed and sleepy. We were sitting around talking about it one day and I asked her if she ever thought about medical marijuana since she lives in a state where it has been legalized. She told me she hadn’t and we decided to do an internet search for medical marijuana in Marlton NJ. We found a website that had some very interesting information on this subject. This a medical clinic that provides recommendations for cannabis to patients who have a qualifying ailment or disease which is approved by the New Jersey Department of Health Services. Of course, my sister has a disease which is approved by the state and know she would qualify but she still wants a little more information before making the phone call to this clinic. I told her to go ahead and make the call and let them explain the details about how it could help her battle the pain she is experiencing. She promised that she would make the call first thing tomorrow morning. I sincerely hope she makes the call and finds out there is a better way for her to cope with the pain from M.S. instead of overloading her body with pain pills. It breaks my heart to see her in such a debilitating state and I would do whatever it takes to help her feel better. If I have to push her to find alternatives then so be it. This may be exactly what she needs to help her lead more of a normal and productive life.