Medical Marijuana for Treating Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Doctors diagnosed my sister with multiple sclerosis eight years ago. She has reached the point with the progression of this disease that it is causing her a significant amount of pain. The doctors have prescribed numerous pain medications for her but they all make her dizzy, light headed and sleepy. We were sitting around talking about it one day and I asked her if she ever thought about medical marijuana since she lives in a state where it has been legalized. She told me she hadn’t and we decided to do an internet search for medical marijuana in Marlton NJ. We found a website that had some very interesting information on this subject. Continue reading Medical Marijuana for Treating Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

Health at Risk, To Whom It May Concern

The provision of health care services is an important proviso in every society and the nation at large. It is against this background that every government in an attempt to safeguard the life of its citizenry ensures that health care services are readily available Help Healthy. What would become of a society or nation with a population of ill health? What becomes of the productive manpower?

There are dire consequences for a nation that relegates healthcare delivery to the background. Productivity is not only affected but such a society or nation stands a greater probability of extinction since mortality rate will increase astronomically.

The people of Afram Plains [an agrarian community] have not been left out of the share of this national cake-health care services. There are hospitals, clinics and CHPS compounds in almost every major town in this part of the countryside.

But what has become of the culture of healthcare delivery by healthcare professionals in these hospitals, clinics and CHPS compounds in Afram Plains? I have been propelled to write this article when I visited the Presbyterian health centre at Tease, the district capital of Afram Plains south constituency.

The fact is incontrovertible and I will not mince with words-the healthcare delivery system at Tease Presbyterian Health Centre is next to nothing, and nothing good to write home about. This is a health centre where human dignity has been rendered as absolute trash. Disrespect for clients has climbed onto a legendary status Chiropratic Healthcare. I do not intend to, by this article mention any names but want to clearly state my position on the actions and inactions of healthcare professionals at this healthcare centre.

Oh but let me first ask “is healthcare delivery a right or privilege” Well your guess may be as good as mine. Don’t these healthcare workers know that “a sound mind lives in a healthy body”?

Let me quickly give you a routine about the wack health delivery system here. This is a true account of what I witnessed when I visited the healthcare centre.

“A parent brings in her sick child at about 10:06 am, pulse and temperature is checked within a matter of five minutes. The sick child is then taken to the lab for test. The laboratory technician after picking the blood sample leaves his post/room [with the lab office opened] only to return after an hour and thirty minutes to attend to a now queuing clients who have gone through the initial stages of pulse and temperature checks Spesific Data Marketing. [ Had the microscope been stolen after his return what would be his story to tell?] He then hands the lab report to the parent of the sick child thirty minutes after his return. This sick child is then taken to the consulting room to see the one and only supposed Doctor who reported to work at about 10:30 am. They spend about 10 minutes in the consulting room after which drugs were prescribed to be taken at the dispensary for a fee Medicalcare. At the dispensary again, another drama unfolds. The dispensary attendants are on break enjoying their meals to the full glare of clients. They therefore ask the parent of the sick child to wait patiently while they do justice to their food. And they spent well over 40 minutes on their meal.”

All these dramatic scenes are showcased at this health centre without any one to supervise what goes in and out of this health centre. Oh perhaps it’s for the government and we all know what government workers do at their places of work. I bet you can’t pretend you knoweth not.

Clearly give a picturesque view of the incident. Now assuming without admitting that this sick child is in an emergency and needs urgent medical treatment what would have become of the situation? For the child to die and cry foul afterwards. In fact, the welfare of clients is not at the heart of these so called health professionals. Another mind boggling drama I witnessed was how these officials were moving to and fro from one office to the other and discussing issues best known to them whilst clients were suffering in long queues in wait of treatment.

While I wouldn’t like to be seen as overly critical, it is equally important that some of these healthcare workers are cautioned with immediate effect to desist from their “I don’t care” attitude displayed at their place of work. The insatiable appetite by health care workers to humiliate and embarrass clients is something way out of health care practice.

It beats my wildest imagination why people dressed in white, green and white, brown etc. mandated to provided health care delivery to the people treat clients as if they are doing them a great service. Aren’t they paid for services they render?

The earlier an effortful attempt is geared towards redeeming the image of this healthcare centre, the better it would be for all of us. It has attracted a bad name for itself for far too long.

I may perhaps become the next Anas to bring you the unprofessional attitudes of healthcare workers that happens at this healthcare centre. Watch Out… GAGAE!!!

Save Life!

I was out of work, doing nothing but passing time when I came across an advertisement where you could apply as a volunteer in Blood Donation camp. Long back when I was in college I tried to donate blood but due to underweight I was not able to and after that it never occurred me to donate again so, the ad caught my attention. I dialed in the numbers and volunteered for it. Since, I was not working I also volunteered to give a hand for setting up the camp also.

It was fun volunteering for it, this blood donation camp sets up quarterly so, once in four months I used to go out meet new and old donors, it was a sort of picnic for me till one day a teenage girl came up to in the camp and asked “Hi, how are you?”

“I am okay, thanks, how are you? Are you here for the blood donation, do you have an appointment?” I replied.

“I would love to but I have a question?”

“Yes sure, happy to help, what is it?” I said.

“Umm, I am suffering from hemolytic anemia, so just wanted to know if there is an arrangement in the camp for Plasma donors?”

To be frank I could not even catch what was she suffering from but I was sure I heard Anemia, though being a layman in biology at least I knew Anemia had to do something with deficiency of blood or hemoglobin in a person. Why the hell she wanted to donate blood if she is anemic and what the hell was plasma donation! I revised all my biology classes in a gist just not to make a fool of myself there but still said

“I am sorry, I did not get your question, you are suffering from what?”

“I am suffering from Hemolytic anemia, in my condition my bone marrow is unable to produce the red blood cells in the body fast enough to meet my body needs. It is a disorder where the red blood cells are destroyed before their normal life span and since, RBCs are responsible for carrying oxygen and when I do not have enough RBCs in my blood it can be fatal”

“Oh okay… I am sorry, but clearly you need blood in your body then why do you want to make a donation?” I was so confused.

She smiled and replied “I just want to donate the Plasma. You know, it is because of people like you I am able to stand here, I laugh, I cry, I walk, I talk and everything thing I do is a gift from people like you all who donate blood. In every 120 days I undergo blood transfusion where blood is given to me through intravenous(IV) line in one of my blood vessels. I am so grateful for all of you to be alive and I also want to participate in Saving Lives. I want to donate plasma so that if there is someone like me who needs transfusion of Plasma I can repay to this society for giving me so many new lives.”

I was speechless, I had never taken Blood donation seriously, for me it was just a day of fun, meeting people, laughing with others eating free ice cream. For a moment I felt ashamed of myself for not donating blood for years. I was guilty for the number of lives lost due to lack of blood in the blood bank and here I was standing before a person who is sick and still willing to help others in need.

With a prayer to make her live long and many others like her I urge everyone to donate blood as much as you can. It saves life it truly does!!

What Is Sarsaparilla? Benefits As Well As Drawbacks!

In this article I’m going to talk about what is sarsaparilla and share the pros and cons to it.

You possibly have seen sarsaparilla in a supplement, a tea drink and wondered what it does.

Sarsaparilla is a plant that is native to South America and the Caribbean. It really started to get known in the 1500’s for treating syphilis. Syphilis is a bacterial infection that is commonly spread through sex. It was also used to treat leprosy, which is a nasty skin disorder that caused a person to really be shunned by others.

Let’s talk about the actual benefits, where there is proof of it working. When it comes to alternative medicine sometimes there are theories, but we like to see proof right?

One truth about sarsaparilla is that it can treat skin disorders such as psoriasis, which is a hardening of the skin. In a study in “Jamla Dermatology” 27 people with this skin disorder took tables with this herb for 1 to 9 months. 7 people’s condition was greatly improved, 8 moderately improved, 2 slightly improved, 9 received no benefits and 1 person was irritated by the medicine. Also 2 people noticed mild nausea.

It works because it has blood cleansing abilities, this plant can bind to something called endotoxins and remove them, which people with psoriasis have. Another benefit is that it can clean the liver and other organs because these endotoxins cause stress to them.

This herb can also help with syphilis with its anti-bacterial abilities. Clinical studies in China show that it was effective (according to blood tests) in 90% of acute cases and 50% of chronic cases.

It can fight cancer. The United states Library of Medicine shows it to have anti-cancer effects.

It can also help with inflammation and it can help with arthritis. In laboratory rats artificially-induced arthritis was blocked in rats that were given this herb. The bad news is that no human studies have been conducted, but if it reduces inflammation it can help because the reason for pain with arthritis is inflammation.

In fact chronic inflammation is major cause of age related problems. Anything that reduces it is very good. When it comes to dangers the taking a high dose that can give someone stomach pains, diarrhea as well as nausea.

The next time you see this ingredient sarsaparilla in a tea or in a supplement you will know what it does.

Germs and Your Child

As a parent we are constantly bombarded by germs. Our kids pick up the flu, a stomach bug, or an upper respiratory infection quicker than they pick up proper grammar. So what should we believe? Do we keep them in a bubble or bathe them in gallons of hand sanitizers? Should you keep your kids home from school when classmates are sick just in case? What if there have been reported cases of H1N1 or Zika virus near you? Should we all start wearing masks to the grocery store?

Whoa. Slow down and back up (slowly so as not to run over anyone on the way). Here’s the thing. These illnesses are probably not going to come knocking at your door before breakfast tomorrow, but it’s best to be prepared regardless. There are some precautions you can take now. And let’s face it, pre-planning never hurt anyone (except maybe all those people who bought one of those wearable blankets on TV because they were just convinced it was going to be the next fashion craze).

So some simple precautionary steps to keep your fingers-in-everything, sneeze-in-your-face, what-do-you-mean-I-can’t-play-in-the-toilet toddler from picking up any unwanted germs these days:

1. Let’em wash! Make sure your toddler washes their hands before meals, after potty breaks, after coming from outside, and after sharing toys or items with others. Let them squeeze the soap or play in the sink. You can even let them get the whole front of their shirt wet. I won’t tell a soul.

2. Push the politeness. Practice being polite with your toddler. “We cover our mouth when we sneeze, just like this.” “We cover our mouth when we cough, see?” Toddlers are excellent mimics. Use a puppet, use a book, use Grandma Ruth, whatever works.

3. Carry reinforcements. My personal fave is Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Sanitizer Foam. It comes out in a foam, dries quickly and doesn’t leave your hands feeling like they belong on the crypt keeper. You can find it in the checkout line at most Wal-Marts, CVS, Walgreens, etc. Make it a habit to foam up whenever you can’t wash your hands, or after any particularly germ-filled experience. Did I mention it comes in this super handy small size that fits right in a purse or diaper bag?

4. Go on the defensive. Start thinking like a germ. Did you know for instance that a virus can live on almost any surface for up to two weeks? That means dinner menus at your favorite restaurant, grocery cart handles, the door to the public bathroom, the treadmill at the gym, THE BOTTOM OF YOUR PURSE!! Wipe these items down with sanitizing wipes or foam up after using them.

5. Ramp up bath time. I know, I know. Bath time sucks. It kills your back, your clothes get all wet, etc. It is a well known and documented fact that toddlers are the only ones who actually enjoy toddler bath time. But you’re going to have to suffer even more. Make sure your toddler gets a bath every day, or more often if they get into a particularly messy scenario. Consider buying some new bath toys to keep your little angel occupied and your sanity somewhat preserved.

Obviously if your child goes to day care or regular school, make a back up plan in case the class get overloaded with illness and you decide staying home really is the safest path. Hopefully things won’t get to that point, but one can never be too prepared. Good luck, and happy germ killing everyone!!