They Can Find All the Problem Areas

Looking online for Valley Village chiropractors helped me to narrow down my options when seeking help with my chronic back pain. I’ve been to a number of specialists and chiropractors over the years for this problem, and usually the most I’ve gotten out of these visits is a temporary respite from the pain. Sometimes the pain would go away for longer periods of time, maybe up to a year even, before reappearing. It’s tiring and depressing dealing with chronic pain because it really does never seem to go away. Then I found a place that’s helped better than anything before.

When I went in for what I thought would be yet another quick fix for the problem, the chiropractor suggested using a digital imaging device to identify the problem. The thinking was that an image scan might find all of the problem areas and thus a treatment might actually work long term. I was skeptical, of course, but I’d never in all my years tried imaging technology to address the problem. No one else ever even suggested using this technology. So I underwent the scan and the results turned out to be very intriguing indeed.

It turns out all those visits and all those old treatments only addressed part of the problem area. The scan revealed that several areas are causing the problem and that a treatment needed to tackle all of those areas or else the pain would likely return. I came back in for several treatments over a period of about two months and I must say I’ve felt better than I ever have after getting my back worked on. It’s still to early to say whether it’s gone for ever, but the pain is definitely gone and the chiropractor thinks I’m likely done with doctor and chiropractic visits.