Working out the Kinks in My Neck Without Surgery

My neck has been giving me trouble for years. At least I thought it was my neck. I started getting discomfort in the muscles. Some people call it a “crick.” My neck would be stiff for days to the point I could not turn my head to look behind me while driving. Then my neck started making popping and grinding noises as I moved it. I had some disc damage developing that kept getting worse. I went to a chiropractor in Phoenix after an orthopedist could not offer any help.

There is no way I am doing any surgery on my neck. I have seen the same pattern repeat itself over and over again with people getting surgeries on their spines. They have terrible pain, get a surgery, get a short-term relief and then the pain is back. Then, they often try another surgery and repeat the pattern over and over again. I know one man that has more than a dozen back surgeries. He even has glue in his vertebrae to try and fix them! No way is that going to be me. Now I can understand getting a surgery if there is no other recourse, but a lot of these back surgeries are done in hopes of helping, but you are told their is no guarantee. If you look into the statistics, you are surprised to find out a low level of success.

Chiropractic is non-invasive and can provide relief. The concomitant therapies of heat, massage, stretching and muscle building can work wonders. In my opinion it is worth trying for a few months before committing to an irreversible surgical intervention. I am not going to resort to the scalpel as a first line of help for my neck pain. It would be a last resort when nothing else worked and I still needed to be active.